Treks & Trails

For those who love to traverse the landscape by foot, we endeavour to make it real!

  • Access to guided treks to the top peaks of Coorg.
  • Smaller trails to the nearby woods and plantation areas.
  • Engage in nursery work for satiating gardening interests.



At CHIPL, enjoy a gurgling experience by the river side, with many tributaries passing through our estates. River side barbecues & picnics, fresh water swims and warm sun await the water lovers.

Jeep rides

Life in Coorg is impossible to imagine without a jeep! Almost every coffee planter would own one, and your trip to Coorg would be incomplete without one of these rides inside a coffee plantation. Access a jeep safari during the day and night and you score the thrill of this ride!

Bon fires

Bon fires are a great way of bonding at CHIPL. The tranquility of the night skies, soft whispers from the nocturnal life, and soft winds enhance the experience by the fireā€¦appetizing food and great company is all that remains wanting to complete this enriching experience.