Living Amidst Nature

CHIPL is set amidst nature in the truest sense! Cottage doors open to a view of azure skies, green mountains and misty clouds. Lush coffee plantations, pepper creepers and silver oak mark the area around the resort. Birds and butterflies in variegated colours, rabbits, and a variety of fishes inhabit the woods, ponds and rivulets of the estates. Serenity and oneness with the flora and fauna is the gift offering of Coorg Heritage Inn to all our visitors.

Eco-friendly practices

At Coorg Heritage Inn, we believe in ensuring a sustainable use of resources available to us and maintaining a harmonic relationship with the environment. An iconic example is the tapping of a natural source of water available at an elevation, which is brought downwards by gravity for the use of guests, staff and the rest of the village community without the use of any power or electricity.

Cultural heritage

Guests are welcome to experience Coorg's rich cultural heritage including- cuisine, famous dance forms (ummathaat), ancestral worship (meedi), ornate attire and much more. We can take you through the life of a Coorg citizen, their livelihood- coffee plantations, thier passions  for armed forces and beautiful homes, and interests that range from hockey to gardening exotic ornamental plants

Since 1993


We are Coorg Heritage Inn Pvt. Ltd. and fondly call ourselves CHIPL (pronounced as chip el). We are located in Chelavara Village, Karada, about 17 kilometers from Virajpet Town (30 km. from Madikeri) in the District of Coorg, in Karnataka State. The village of Chelavara is relatively unexplored and pristine attraction. It’s all about misty hills, thick forests, lush green coffee plantations, thrilling roads, colourful flora, beautiful waterfalls and exciting wildlife. Amidst such wilderness of plush jungle and coffee estates lies CHIPL. The facility spans across 5 acres surrounded by about 40 acres of coffee plantation. CHIPL is covered with coffee, pepper and cardamom plantations, silver oak and many other natural canopies. The area is a at a higher elevation and covered by mountains all around with good road connectivity from the main roads.

overlooking the cottage